Ehsaas Program 14000 Cheak CNIC & SMS

on the 29th February 2022, the PM Imran Khan expanded The 12000 Program up to Ehsaas Programme 14000. Register & Check Online your money by following the full guide on the website of the Apna4G the article.

women who’re in poverty as well as in need within Pakistan can apply for Ehsaas money after six month. The cash will be only distributed to women who have completed this study Ehsaas.

In the main, you need to go to the nearest Ehsaas Survey Center to apply (register) your biometric data. They’ll ask you to provide your CNIC and your name and your husband’s name, family members, sources of income and financial data as well as details about your residence.

Ehsaas Program 14000 Money

It was 12,000, however on February 28, 2022 when the Prime Minister addressed the people on government television, the PM’s salary was raised by 2000 in the amount of. It was originally 12000 but then increased to 13000. The actual figure was 14000 Pakistani Rupees.

The next issue will be “how we can apply and receive” the additional 14,000 dollars through the Ehsaas program. To assist you, we’ve given a by step procedure. Follow these steps and (apply and receive) Ehsaas money after every six months.

How to Apply and Receive 14000

This is the process you have to follow to confirm that you are eligible, apply, register, and then be eligible for regular Ehsaas support:

  • 1. 1st Check to see if you’re receiving the support you need and if you do not (SMS Method as well as on the internet Ehsaas Tracking Portal)
  • 2. 2 The users who get positive feedback “they are eligible to receive Ehsaas support ” will be required to register their CNIC and name to Ehsaas in the Center for Surveys”
  • 3 3rd – Purchase an Ehsaas Registration Slip. After that, wait until you are notified that the Ehsaas support money. It will be authorized through the department of finance. (Y you will get an SMS to your registered number confirming that the funds have been transferred to Ehsaas Centre). Ehsaas Centre)
  • 4. 4 Then, after you receive an Ehsaas Cash Alert by SMS pay an appointment with your nearest Ehsaas center in each location within Pakistan where you’ll be rewarded with 14,000 per month for six months.

Note the fact that it’s a reference piece , and we do not sign up or give you the option to verify the status of your account. It is required to visit Ehsaas’ Official Ehsaas website to confirm your eligibility. We have included each procedure in greater detail below including all the details and explanations.

1st Step (Check Your Eligibility)

There are two options (SMS and online) method to assess the admissibility of common Pakistan. 1. Find out if you’re eligible be qualified to receive Ehsaas assistance or not “SMS” rather than via “Online portal” Demo is accessible below:

Check by SMS

  • Input Your CNIC numbers with no dashes
  • The number is transferred via SMS or text message to the number: 8171 by SMS
  • If the request is accepted, the applicant will receive a report of the recipient’s eligibility
  • Response will inform you if you’re able to make cash in the form of a commission or.

Go via Online Portal

  • Visit Ehsaas Tracking 8171 portal
  • Enter your Form Number, or CNIC number.
  • Enter you mobile (SIM) number.
  • Choose “Maloom Karen” and ask regarding your status with your money

Therefore, all users with “positive indications” are eligible to go to the centers for survey. This is the procedure explained in the following.

2 2nd (Visit Registration Center)

There are a variety of registration centers all over Pakistan (all provinces) as well as villages. You can visit the center with you CNIC and then sign up by using Ehsaas “Survey”.

  • Visit Ehsaas Survey Center
  • Take your survey
  • Contact the broker of your income
  • In addition, be sure you communicate your property details to the agent.
  • They’ll be registering with them and send you the SLIPE

3rd Step (Get Slip & Wait for SMS)

Your name will appear on the registered into Ehsaas (NADRA) databases. Ehsaas (NADRA) database after an interview. The next step is to ensure you keep track of the slip that was given at the time of your survey by Ehsaas Survey Office. Ehsaas Survey Office. The slip is similar to this.

Your name, CNIC Number, Family Number and Family Members’ number, as and your Mobile number are all listed. This is proof that your details are registered on Ehsaas database. Ehsaas databases. Within a few months, you will get an email with the information that your transaction has been accepted and you will be able to go to the nearest Ehsaas center to collect it.

4 Step (Receive an SMS and Collect Money)

After registering successfully at Ehsaas, after you have successfully registered. You will receive the acknowledgement slip. They will confirm your CNIC number and your telephone number. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive an SMS that will direct the user to Ehsaas and you’ll be able the cash. That’s the last stepand you’ll be rewarded with 14000 dollars as part of the Ehsaas program.

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Important Notice (Scam Alert)

Pay attentively to the 8171 text message since there are a lot of fraudulent SMS that are sent by different numbers. They also demand money from those who are financially poor. Thus, Ehsaas only sends messages from the number 8171. The other numbers are all fake and should not overlook these messages.


So, it’s the moment to take these steps to get the Ehsaas program cash 14000 dollars instead of 12000. But, we have altered the procedure in order to submit applications (register) and to withdraw funds. For more details, please message below.

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